Stage Your Home to Sell

When you’re selling your home, it’s easy to assume that you can just pop the “For Sale” sign in the yard and let your agent do their work. But the real trick to selling your home is in staging. Staging is what you see people on HGTV doing with their newly designed homes before anyone actually lives in them, right? It looks good, but it’s not actually functional.

Well, yes and no. You want potential buyers to walk into your home and see all the potential. Here are a few simple tips that you can try that won’t break the bank and will help you get your home staged to sell to the right buyer.

Increase Curb Appeal.

Stage your porch and yard. It sounds silly, and you may not have much space, but consider placing a potted plant and some clean porch furniture outside. It welcomes visitors and puts a fresh face on your home.


All of that extra stuff you’ve collected on your counters needs to go. If you don’t have much storage, ask a friend or family member if they wouldn’t mind housing some of your extra items during your open houses. A well-placed bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers can go a long way.

Use Neutral Colors.

Neutrals create an open and inviting space. Buyers can more easily imagine their own items in a space with gray walls than bright blue.

Clean Everything.

Your house should shine like it has never shined before. Buyers want to see your house at its best, because that’s the point they want to buy it at.

Make Use of All Those Awkward Spaces.

Do you have an awkward nook or space under the stairs? Create a small working area or book nook. It’s creative and fun, and it makes buyers feel like they have a home they can make good use of.

Move Your Furniture.

Keep couches and tables away from and parallel to the walls. Stage your dining area, and even bake a fresh batch of cookies. Visitors love a welcoming scent that reminds them of their own home.

Beware of Pet Odors.

Do one deep cleaning, and make sure to stay on top of other, smaller cleanings. Hide old pet toys out of sight when you’re hosting an open house, or even put your pet’s items away when buyers are visiting.

Clean Your Kids’ Rooms.

While families are likely to visit when you’re selling the home, they want to imagine a clean space for their children. Make sure your kids’ toys are put away, and their rooms are staged just like the rest of the home.