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Getting a Good Estero Home Valuation When Selling Your Home

November 4, 2016

Plan on selling your home? If so, you probably want an idea of how much it’s worth. That’s why you want to get a solid Estero home valuation – so you have a firm idea of what the market says your home is worth. A home valuation will play a key role in determining the all-important list price. Why is this so crucial? Lately, homes that aren’t priced to sell aren’t moving. They’re just not […]

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Smaller Homes Are In for New Homes in Estero

October 27, 2016

Looking for new homes in Estero? If so, there’s a good chance you will, at some point, be looking at a home with fewer square feet than older homes in the area. That’s because new home construction is trending toward smaller homes and smaller neighborhoods. Part of the reason is because buyers would rather save by not paying for features and amenities that they don’t use. Part of the reason is because large amounts of […]

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Buying a Home in Estero the Smart Way: Closing Costs

October 7, 2016

If you’re buying a home in Estero or Bonita Springs, you want to do it the smart way. That means being fully prepared for everything that could happen, and knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into – hopefully with the help of a seasoned agent by your side. There are a lot of moving pieces involved in buying a home, and any number of them can trip you up. Here, we’ll cover the essential topics […]

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Why You Want to Avoid For Sale By Owner | Estero Real Estate

September 25, 2016

Have you ever thought about selling Estero real estate on your own? It’s understandable – most homeowners get this itch every now and then. The reasoning is easy to understand: “IF I can sell it myself, I can save money by not paying commission!” That could equal thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to want to cut costs whenever possible. Of course, if you look at a real estate agent’s commission as a cost, […]

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Check This Exclusive Home in Fort Myers in Edgewater

September 23, 2016

Looking for a home in Fort Myers? One place you’d might want to start is Edgewater, which is an exclusive luxury home community located in South Fort Myers along the river. Edgewater – also known as Edgewater Estates – is exclusive because it contains just eight home sites, so getting in is difficult. Fortunately, there’s a home in Edgewater Estates available on the market now, and it’s a great one. Located at 14510 Ocean Bluff […]

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